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Hello everybody,

I tried to install a firmware upgrade for my Dell Studio Laptop 1535's CD/DVD drive and it failed. I followed the instructions carefully and restarted the laptop when I had to. However, when it rebooted, it wanted to search for the software but couldn't find it in the end. This is when I noticed I didn't have access to the cd drive no matter what I tried. I even tried reinstalling the update to no avail. I also checked the device manager and it showed a yellow exclamation mark next to the optical drive. I tried updating it from device manager but that did not work either. How can I get my cd/dvd drive to work again?

The name of my drive is TS-T633A 12.7mm Slotload 8x DVDR/. I am also using Windows Vista SP2 Home Premium. Thanks for your help.
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  1. Open the device manager and double click the entry for the optical drive. There should be an error code displayed. Post the code here so we can figure out exactly what's wrong.
  2. Hello,

    I uninstalled the drive and then restarted the laptop, and now the cd/dvd drive works just fine. However, when I turn on my laptop, it asks me if I want to search automatically for updated driver software. When I choose to install the software, it says it can't find it and asks me to insert the disk for the TS-T633A drive. I don't have a disk though. At least the drive works now, but I have to choose the 'ask me again option' because the 'dont ask me about this device again' option will disable the drive until I uninstall the drive and restart the computer again.

    Is there anyway I can disable these messages from popping up everytime I turn on my computer? Thanks for your help.
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