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Hi im trying to go from Vista 32bit to 7 64bit when i put the 7 CD in the drive and reboot nothing happen it just go straight to my windows.... i tried 2 different copy and still do that... i also change my drive for the 1st boot methode in the bios.... and still nothing....

anyone have a clue why 2 different copy wont load?? is it because i currently have Vista 32 and the 7 64bit wont accept it?? if yes whats the thing i have to do?

thank you
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  1. You cannot upgrade a 32-bit vista to Win7 64-bit. You have to boot the CD/DVD (set it to "first boot" in your BIOS), then select custom install, and perform a clean install. Please remember to back-up your files to another HDD before you start, otherwise you will lose all your stuff. After the install you will have to reload all your programs and reset your custom settings.
  2. i did put the drive has my 1st boot... it still dont work... it goes straight to my windows Vista like if there was no CD in the drive... and i tried with 2 different copy and still do it anyway :S
  3. what computer do you have?

    does it automatically choose to boot into windows after a delay? is it a variable delay? can you make it longer? some motherboards require a keypress to boot from a different device.
  4. no theres nothing happening just like if there was no CD in the cdrom when i try with my vista CD everything work fine...
  5. still problem not fixed anyone else would have a clue why when i put 2 different Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit DVd in my drive and reboot the computer dont load the DVD even when by DVD drive is set #1 in bios??
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