Winchester, Venice, or San Diego

Are there any performance charts where I can see side-by-side comparisons of these three? Also are Turion based notebooks on the market yet?
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  1. side by side charts are not necessary. For same clock speed and cache size newer revision are a bit faster, but it's not perceptible in normal use, only in benchmarks.

    However the latest A64 revision supports SSE3 and can be overclocked a bit more more than Winchester core based A64.

    Turion are not widely available but Mobile Athlon 64 based should be easy to find. In my personal opinion, if you don't take 64bit support into the equation, Intel Dothan based Notebook are better choice than Mobile Athlon 64 or Turion solutions.

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  2. Here is a link that compares the Winchester, Newcastle, and Venice Cores. As you can see, the Venice Core is a tad faster than the other two. From what I've heard, the Venice Core really overclocks well. Its based on the .09 core, so it runs a lot cooler idle and under load. As for Turion64, I am waiting myself. I hope they come out soon :) I want to get a Turion64 based laptop for college.

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