Solid State with Intel T9600 or 500GB at 7200 rpm HD with Core i7-720QM

I need some help. I'm debating over the xps studio 16 with a SSD, T9600 processor, ati mobility 565v, and a xps studio 16 with a 500GB at 7200rpm HD, a core i7-720QM processor, ati mobility 5730. Which would you want or suggest? Main uses would be for gaming and multimedia in addition to everyday college student needs. Please help!
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  2. Hello and welcome to the forums
    The second one has a better CPU and VGA so it overall will perform better in games.
  3. I love the SSD in a laptop. It makes everything feel snappier. If capacity is not an issue, perhaps you could replace the hard drive in laptop#2 and get the best of both worlds.
  4. Well actually, I'm going to by the Asus G73JH-RBBX05. Maybe later when I get more money I'll put in an SSD. I've heard that it has room for two hard drives. When I get to that point I'll ask you guys for advice.
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