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Qbasic 1.1 to output to a .txt file How to

December 21, 2012 11:38:41 PM

I run a bill printing program - 16699cst.bas coded by me - in qbasic 1.1 in a P4 legacy PC running MS DOS 6.22 and having Parallel port on board and the program prints output (.dat file) to a parallel port Dot Matrix Printer (called "DMP" hereinafter).

The legacy hardware may fail any time and replacement may not be easily available in the market.

So I have to be prepared to migrate to newer PC architectures and 32 bit OSs.

I am able to run the above program in my Dell Inspiron One 2020 running Windows 7 32 bit.

But I am unable to get the program to print (.dat file) to a USB DMP in the new PC which has no parallel port..

I have tried to work around by taking the .dat file output by QB, copy and paste the lines into a .txt file created by Notepad and then printing the text file to the USB DMP in the new PC.

But this takes time. OK for an occasional bill but not good enough for a busy POS.

I have modified the QB prog and tried to to make it output to a .txt file which is printable by my USB DMP but QB wouldn't oblige.

I have come for help in this forum wherein many of my earlier problems have been solved.


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