Windows 7 driver for sti 1650 pro agp

what is the best driver to use for the ati x1650 pro with windows 7
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  1. The latest available for your card, version 10.3
  2. thanks for quick reply cant see 10.3 version on site is 10.2 which does not work. iam on 32bit windows 7.
  3. Yeah, just noticed the 1650 series pci/agp has been relegated to the 'legacy' driver section. CCC version 10.2 is the latest available. No reason why that driver would not work. Otherwise use the driver from the CD that came with the card. That driver was used to test the card before it shipped.
  4. yeah tried the driver that comes with the card and the 10.2 driver. they install fine but as soon as you restart computer it says no ati graphics driver installed. any ideas
  5. is windows 7 direct x 10? if i downgrade to 9 will that help?
  6. Can you start the driver installation and choose 'uninstall' driver? Try uninstalling the previous driver then install a fresh driver. I would do this in Safe Mode.
  7. Quote:
    is windows 7 direct x 10? if i downgrade to 9 will that help?

    Your Radeon 1650 does not support DX10. DX9 is included in Win 7 too. The adjustment will be made when you install the card.
  8. The card was released well before Windows 7. In most instances, Vista drivers work with Windows 7. I suppose it is possible the version 10.2 Vista driver the ATI site directs you to when prompting for a Windows 7 32 driver is not compatible with Windows 7. I doubt this is the case though.
  9. tried to install in safe mode wont let me install says something missing cant remember what it is though
  10. when trying to install in safe mode it says( failure to load detection driver.)
  11. Do you know which driver is installed currently? Device Manager>Display adapter>driver tab. Is an ATI driver installed?

    Also perhaps check Control Panel>Programs and features for ATI install manager or similar.
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