Regular user cannot delete shortcuts

I am tired of having to fix a pc for my family. Therefore I decided to create two seperate non administrator accounts next to the default administrator account.

On my last install this worked fine. If someone wanted to install software the system would popup and ask the administrator password.

For some reason after a fresh install the newly created users can't even delete the adobe reader shortcut from their desktop.

I guess the rights management is setup differently. How do I fix this?
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  1. the newly created one dont have the full administrator option delete it and recreate this administrator account,this other admin have to be created with the first admin account and not a user account.
  2. I don't want the user to be administrator. I want windows to popup asking an administrator pasword to make the user consious that they are doing something they need to think about twice.

    Any tips?
  3. then raise up the uac settings for the account
  4. Thanks that worked (so made it "administrator"+incresed UAC).
  5. your welcome glad it help.
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