Toshiba A660-BT2G22 or Dell XPS Studio 16

Hey Everyone,

I'm debating over getting a Toshiba A660-BT2G22 or a Dell XPS Studio 16. Here's the list of their specs:

Toshiba A660-BT2G22
Processor: Core i7-740QM
Memory:6GB at 1066MHz
Hard Drive: 500GB at 7200 rpm
Graphics Card:1GB NVidia GeForce GT 330M
Screen Resolution:1366x768
Warranty: 3 year warranty

Dell XPS Studio 16
Processor:Core i7-720QM
Memory:4GB at 1333MHz
Hard Drive: 500GB at 7200 rpm
Graphics Card:ATI Mobility Radeon 5730
Screen Resolution:1920x1080
Warranty:2 year warranty

My basics uses are watching movies, doing school work, surfing the web, and playing one computer game (thinking about black ops). Screen resolution isn't too big a deal for me. I want to keep it for a while, so the three year warranty is a positive. Do you think the GeForce 330M is a good enough graphics card, or is it best to stick with the ATI 5730?

Also on an unrelated note, this website says I need to confirm my email address, but there's nothing in my inbox. It isn't in spam, and I know I didn't delete it. I know I put in my address right because I get other emails from My account will freeze really soon if I don't get this resolved. Suggestions?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Well the second one has a better VGA,so it will perform better in games.
    About your e-mail,check this thread
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