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I've been using linux for security reasons but I'm going to go back to windows for now for gaming reasons :p . I'd like to install a good antivirus and firewall. I'd love some suggestions about some good combinations of firewall/AV and what you prefer? I think my PC can handle something that takes up some resources, but the lighter the better.

blue :)
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  1. Microsoft Security Essentials (free) and Windows Firewall (included).
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    Short Answer: Try MSE

    Long Version:
    I too am in the market for Anti: Virus/Malware/Spyware/Phishing/...[everything] ...

    Ive been out of the game for a while (computers / the tech world / software ) .. but I CAN tell you this ..

    At the present time, I am using the FREE Microsoft Security Essentials package.
    I can afford the software, in fact, Id PREFER to pay for software that Protects my computer (I mean my, Personal Information, My Banking Info, My Medical Info, My Family Pictures that could never be replaced, etc ... Truth be Told ... MSE has actually been better to me that Kaspersky's BEST full out Package Was (not for just 2012, but for 2011 as well!)

    I have had Kaspersky for a few years now, and it has caused me more grief I think than its worth! The last time it claimed that my Licence was bogus and it just shut itself down and left my system Naked for 4 entire days while I was out for an extended weekend, and as much as I hate to admit it, I didn't notice it for at least a few days later! When I have tried to resolve this as well as other matters with Kaspersky, I haven't been able to get the situations fixed to any degree of satisfaction, so as much as I really liked their product in the past, between
    (A) lousy service,
    (B) Just shutting down and Leaving you naked virtually unannounced (Yet I still have 485 days left - and counting! (yes, I paid for a two year plan))
    (C) and getting their stupid CANNED answers that usually have NOTHING to do with your complaint ...
    I can not suggest Kaspersky to you. OOps .. almost forgot ...
    (D) I use to have a Computer Shop - Included Kaspersky in ALL the computers we sold the last 2 yrs we were open. I STILL have many old customers as well as friends who are having problems with their Kaspersky products as recently as last week!

    In short, I find that MSE has a pretty low overhead! But on the downside, it lacks features, and combustibility that is sometimes good (if you know what and how to work with it)

    Years ago, I worked with Norton - which eventually became a horrible, horrible BLOATWARE - then there was McAfee which burned me bad on one of my machines and had half a dozen problems with customers machines.

    While I'm confident that No ONE product will do it all ... MSE is defiantly worth kicking the tires. (now Im gonna go ask everyone for THEIR opinion on something! hehe Good Luck to you!)
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