How do i play ps3 through my laptop/

I have a sony viaio laptop and want to play me ps3 through it - how do i do this?
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  1. Unless you have a video input you can't.

    You would have to get something like a TV tuner in order to hook the device up to it.
  2. ypu cant play the ps3 through your pc, all you can do is share videos. the games wont work.
  3. depends on what you are using as your cables.

    If HDMI - this is highly unlikely as 99% of laptops only have HDMI OUT (there are a couple of laptops that do have HDMI in, but if I am not mistaken, they are both made by Clevo/Sager)

    If RGA - you CAN use this through almost any laptop (video quality may decrease slightly depending on which one you get) by using a device called an Easycap or a likewise adapter. Basically, it is a USB to RGA adapter that can be read in programs like Windows Media Player Classic by going to Open Device. Audio WILL WORK as well by using one of these.

    PM me if you need a guide
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