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I want to format my D drive but the format option is greyed out. I tried "DisK management" and its shows the format option greyed out as well.

Let me explain the whole scenario:

I started with XP in C Drive but a friend of mine later had windows 7 installed for me on D drive. Then my PC crashed and i had it formatted from someone. He kept XP again on C Drive but the Windows 7 was lost. But the windows7 folders were still there and eating up memory.

Now i've got windows 7 on C Drive and everything is working fine but i would like to format my D drive and free up memory from that earlier installation.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Looks like a messed up MBR, go to Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Disk Management, see if it lets you do it from there. If not boot to partition magic or something like that and delete and create partition then format.
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