Multi-pro card reader driver download

where can i download a win7 driver for this device?

when i try to use it on my win7 system, win7 tells me i need to format the card before i can use it.

but the card is full of photos i don't want to lose.

is there a driver that will recognize the card a d allow me to download the photos?

this device worked fine under xp.
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  1. That error is not due to the lack of a driver; no driver is needed for that device on Windows 7. What size is the card? If it is over 2GB, are you sure the reader supports cards over 2GB?
  2. thank you. the card is a 2Gb card. card and device worked perfectly on an old cybernet computer running XP.
  3. Is the Win7 system a laptop? If so, try the other USB ports. Some may not provide enough power to the reader.
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