Venice 3000+ not working on Asus A8N-SLI?

Having a problem with my Asus A8N-SLI and my Venice 3000+ processor. For some reason on the motherboard it will not let me go above a FSB of 220MHz, after that the system will revert to a lower frequency, and will continually go down as I increase the FSB. I know the CPU is definantly not holding the system back. I've taken out all PCI cards, but still am using IDE hard drives. There is a setting to keep the PCI lock at 33MHz though, so I am confused what is going on. Is something not functioning correctly or what?

Thanks for any help, and anyone else with this board please post as well and let me know if you have had any problems such as this or other.

I am also using latest bios.
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  1. Set the HT frequency to 4x. If you have good ram, leave the dram settings to 200, otherwise set it to 166. Back your cache latency to 2.5 3 3 10 or 3 4 4 10 depending on your ram. Turn turnaround to 2T. Raise VCore a bit if temps are ok. Good luck.

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  2. It would really help to know your system components. Although the CPU is definitely capable of higher clocks, you may have another component that is limiting your OC.

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  3. Ok well I got it to work, thanks guys. I've got a max overclock of around 1.85GHz perfectly stable on stock cooling, which is awesome. Temps are like 36c too which is even better! I'm using a 80mm case fan instead of the standard cheesey stock one though.

    I don't know what's up with my ram though, unless the HT freq. does something to alter memory in mhz? Cuz it says memory is running 221MHz x2 = 442mhz, but my memory is only DDR333...... and it's set at DDR333, and HT is set at 4x... So i'm not sure what's up with that, but either way i'm happy!

    Anything else I can do to improve guys? Thanks!
  4. *drools*
    Those would definitely do!

    I can't believe he's using DDR333 in that rig!! That's actually a really good OC considering the RAM! LOL :wink:

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  5. would never buy OCZ, I like Geil and Kinston and Mushkin, they are my heros! lol

    The DDR333 has been good to me for the last nearly 3 years, i'll upgrade that in probably a month or so though.
  6. Why don't you like Corsair? I personally don't use them, too costly.

    OCZ gave me a lot of crap products back in the day which is why I will never trust them now.
  7. I'm're oc'd to 1.85? but you have a memory speed of 221? Isn't the stock speed 1.8? I have my 3000+ Win running 2.1 @ 233 1:1 on the asus a8n-sli del. If you were running at 221 in a 1:1, 221*9= 1989mhz.

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