Upgrading motherboard with windows 7 installed

Okay so I upgraded to windows 7 several months ago from windows vista using an upgrade disc and now I am changing my motherboard, processor, ram, and video card.
What exactly am I supposed to do to ensure that everything works properly? My biggest concern of course is the operating system and any activation issues that may arise because of the mobo swap. Any help would be appreciated. Currently in the process of backing everything up, preparing for the worst.
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  1. what motherboard are you going from/to?

    if windows does cause activation problems, you can ring and explain and they can often sort it. They're not completely useless... (quite)
  2. The upgrade version is treated the same as retail, so as milez said you will need to ring, but it should be painless, ocasionaly you can get a twit. If that happens just ring back later when you will probably get someone else.
  3. So all I have to do is perform the hardware upgrades, boot up successfully, then I should be in windows?
  4. Depends on the hardware change. Sometimes a change in chipset or cpu architecture will need a windows reinstall, but same chipset and cpu type will often be fine.
  5. Going from q6600 on socket 775 to i7 930 on lga 1366 so im guessing reinstall will be necessary.
    Since i upgraded from vista, im guessing ill have to reinstall vista, and then windows 7?
  6. Best way to go would be a clean install of Windows 7 by booting from the dvd and select custom install, go to disk tools and now choose to format your drive and continue the instalation.

    Do not format before booting the W7 dvd.

    Setup does its compliance checking before the phase of Setup where you format the disc.

    Don't forget to backup your files and settings using the Windows 7 Easy Transfer Wizard to an external source.
  7. You should have no problems with that change Windows 7 will handle it just fine.
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