hp dv6t select edition, is it worth it?

Hey guys,

I have been researching for months. My budget is around $1600 at max including 2 year warranty. I am considering a 15" hp dv6t select edition notebook because of the metal finish and the touch screen, is the touch screen worth it, since the future is touch? 1080p would be great but i can compromise down to 720p. It is going to definitely be a desktop replacement with a separate monitor. I need a battery thats above average but not over sized or overpriced. I want to play games but not all day but I do need a high powered graphics 1 gig of dedicated graphics would be perfect. A lot of heavy usage such as photo, editing video, streaming high def movies over my server, etc. Hard drive capacity does not really matter but here is my problem is a SSD worth it? I don't care about the size. I want to keep the laptop for about 3 years, but maybe 5 at max depending on my financial situation. I don't really care for blu-ray. I live in the US.

So is it worth it?

Thank You
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Who says future is "touch"? Some may prefer a touch screen laptop, but its not for future.
    Anyway,i don't think you benefit from a 15" touch screen much because its not a tablet,its a laptop with keyboard so using it in touch screen mode may not be so great.
    In your price range,you can go with Sager NP8690
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