What's wrong with my registry?

I just installed Windows 7 on my SSD, and was attempting to change my default install location for everything else to my HDD. I followed a tutorial, but might have veered off the path a little. Here is what I changed:


I changed the WOW64 to where the 64bit apps should go, and the regular to where the 32 bit apps should go. But I feel like I've done something wrong, as everything default installs to the 64bit folder, and looks for the files in the regular one. It has also caused folders to create new 64bit folders inside of 64bit folders:

That's 11 deep from the main 64bit folder.

How do I go about changing it where my 32Bit apps install to:
E:\Program Files\
and my 64 Bit apps install to:
E:\Program Files\64 Bit\
and it recognize where it installed each of them?
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  1. Does anyone have any theories, or just know the proper way to set it up?
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