Counter-strike source spiking ping and low fps

Can anyone help, I've seen this issue before online, but so far nothing seems to be working. I'll play for 1-2 rounds, and then my ping spikes up to 350 and my fps drops to 10. Here's my specs

Windows 7 ultimate
cpu: core 2 duo q6600 (2.4 ghz quad core)
graphics: 2 geforce 8800 gts 320gig running in SLI formation
4 gigs ddr2 1066 ghz ram
drive: 7200 rpm 1TB drive (500 gigs avail)

I know my drive is a bit big and slow and i need more ram, but shouldn't this work? And why does my ping go so high periodically, even when I create the server and just playing with bots?r.jamescastro[at]
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  1. Check your temps. could be something throttling back

    What PSU have you got?
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