How much is my ASUS gaming laptop worth?

I have an ASUS gaming laptop I want to sell through Craig's List, here are the specs.

Intel core 2 duo 2.00 ghz (can be increased to 2.2 ghz through ASUS software)

Nividia 9700 (I think its suppose to be a little better than a 8600 if that helps any)

4gb 2x2 RAM (not sure of speed, probably ddr2)

176 gb hard drive

1366x768 60 htz screen mint condition

case is in mint condition, still has nice shine.

Windows Vista 64 bit

This laptop is I think a G50v, It was purchased around 2 years ago for around $1200 or so. I'm going to include a laptop cooler, my Borderlands game (I can run it on max pretty well), some games on my hard drive (HL1, GTA 3, L4d, Rogue Trooper), and it will come with Avira anti-virus

I had a guy I know Clean it for me. He wiped the hard drive and reinstalled the operating system with all the visual and overclocking software ASUS supplied it with. He put in a new fan, new network card (I use dial up and the car burnt out on me), applied new thermal paste. He also gave me new disks so whoever I sell it to will never need to worry about not having an extra copy of everything just in case.

There is one little tiny quirk, when ever you boot up you must go int bios (using F2) and enable Manufacture defaults, then save changes and exit. This is to get the fan to work properly. it's so easy to do my friend can do it and he knows nothing about computers.

When I post this on Craig's List, I'm going to let them make the offers, but I didn't think it would hurt to know what it's worth before I sell it :D.
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  1. The HDD is probably 200GB, I dont think anyone has ever heard of a 176GB HDD. Low level formatting and bad sectors always take up space on the HDD.

    You probably wont get a good offer, maybe 4-500 if your lucky. But this is a great example of why it's best to build your own custom computer. When you want something new, spend a couple hundred bucks and then your running even better instead of having to buy a whole new laptop.
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