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My PC has gone stupid. I have WinXP installed in my C: Drive and when i remove my cables and take off my d: drive it appears an error saying "Primay HDD not detected". That's stupid cause my Primary HDD is C: and is connected. I've tried everything in BIOS and it doesnt work. If I plug again my D: the WinXP enters fine. D: has nothing to do with the WinXP installation in C: Anyone has an idea of what's happening?
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  1. Is it possible that the D: drive is set to master and the C: drive is set to slave via jumpers on the hard drives?
  2. Are they both IDE drives, or is one of them SATA? Because you have to set that in the BIOS, which one is set to boot.

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  3. illbet its the jumpers
  4. Yes, you probably installed Windows to the 2nd drive (either primary slave, secondary master or slave, or SATA2). Windows then named the drive "C" because it had the windows installation on it, but put the boot loader on the first drive (which should have been "C").

    I'd tell you how to fix it, but I don't feel like taking the time at the moment. I'm sure someone else has the time, as for me, I'm going to bed.

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  5. easiest-to-explain fix: remove the second drive, boot from windows CD, let it repair the installation.

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  6. well..i've gone through the hint of the guys that told that were the jumpers and it was. I wasn't expecting that the primary hdd had an option for single drive and separately primany drive. I've just switched the jumper and it worked perfectly :) thanks for the help
  7. Must be a Western Digital drive... to my knowledge, they're the only manufacturer that makes their jumpers this way.

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