New build initial results

After many false starts I finally got my new build running this morning. Here are some initial results for anyone interested:
Full Load CPU temp: 40 C
3DMark03: 10,500 (while Prime95 was running at 100% CPU)

I have one point of concern. 3DMark03 said my memory was in slots 3 & 4 as did CPU-Z. But the slots are clearly in Slots 2 & 4 on my motherboard (in the orange slots). Should I worry about this?

System specs:
AMD64 3700+ San Diego (no OC)
DFI LanParty NF4 Ultra-D
2x512 MB PC3200 Patriot w/XBL 2-3-2-5
(For some reason, the system is running at these timings, despite SPD being 2-2-2-5)
WD 74 GB Raptor
500 W FSP Blue Storm
Antec P-160WF
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  1. I wouldn't worry about the RAM slots. Futuremark's programs misidentify a lot of hardware. New hardware is always being released, and if your hardware was released after the program was, there is a good chance it won't be reconized. An example is in 3DMark2001. My Athlon XP is reconized as "Unknown." Nothing to worry about. If you want to see if your memory is running at optimal performance run Sisoft Sandra, and compare the results.

    My System:
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