I want to buy a 1st person shooter but which one?

I want to buy a 1st person shooter but which one? I'm interested in
Max Payne
Which one is best?

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  1. Max Payne is a 3rd person shooter (as in you actually see his body). However, I love the game! RTCW is great too! I don't play multiplayer however, so I don't care if Max Payne doesn't support multiplayer. However, it does have single player mods.

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  2. Have you looked at the reviews?
    Downloaded the demo?

    Max Payne is nifty; it's different, if you're looking for something off track.
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein is most pretty. Other than that, the flamethrower rulez.
    Soldier of Fortune 2? I've not played it. Didn't even know it was out yet...
  3. no one lives forever.

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  4. Medal of Honor:Allied Assault.

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  5. I said that.

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  6. sof2 comes out may 20.

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  7. I might have to check that one out.

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  8. SOF2 isn't out yet.
    Max Payne is cool, but won't interest you after you beat the game (at least it didn't for me or any of my friends).
    MOHAA is awesome, I highly recommend it.
    JKII is awesome too.
    NOLF is old, but still a good game. I need to play that again, I didn't get very far before other games distracted me.
    Ghost Recon is a good game if you're a fan of Rogue Spear-ish games.
    RTCW is a decent game, but I lost interest once it looked like it was going to become stupid puzzles (catacombs).

    Did I miss anything?

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  9. Yeah... I REALLY like Castle Wolfenstein. Not many games get draw me back to them after I beat them, but this one did. Great multiplayer also. Also, Dues Ex is not necessarily new but it is first person and it is a freaking awesome game, even if it's not a run-and-gun shooter.
  10. Thanks, but you did miss RTCW. What's your opinion on it? I've read somewhere that Max Payne can be finished in about 10hrs - is this true? I've got MOHAA, great game!

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  11. I'm waiting for Duke Nukem: The Manhattan Project. It's been a long time since I've played a Duke game, and they're usually humorous... It's not Duke Nukem Forever, but it does look good nonetheless.

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  12. What's wrong with puzzles? HL was FULL of puzzles and it is the best game ever, imo. It not like there was a lot either. You had to hit a few switches to get to new areas. Piece of cake.
    Did anyone else think the sten was really good? I think I used it more than the other guns put together.
  13. Nice summary, Fatburger!

    I'd have to go with MOHAA myself

    Oh, I'm sorry. Did I accidentally blow your head off.......again?
  14. I really suggest Serious Sam: The Second encounter.

    mindless yet fun volence :smile:

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  15. RTCW, nice game with a "moody" feeling.

    MOHAA, splendid.

    SSSE, I don´t understand all the people that give praise to this game.
    Sure, it´s fun for what it is, but I don´t consider the graphics to be THAT good as some people claims.

    JK, Played it a couple of hours...but I´m still not hooked on it, don´t know why...something is missing.

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  16. if u thinking about getting max payne, i'd say wait couple of more days until GTA3 gets released. it's similar to maxpayn, but u get2 hit plp in the head and steal cars... umhahahah.... can't wait...
    and ye.. SOF2 sounds pretty sweet, the developer claims that it has " extremely detailed model and weapon,,,, etc" so it should be good.. just wait for it's release.
  17. Quote:
    Did anyone else think the sten was really good?

    Yes, prob one of the best weapons in the game, other than the venom (really need it in the later boards).

    Serious sam is a fun game, It doesnt look the best, but it brings back the feel of Doom, with tons of enemies everywhere. Never a dull game (IMO). RTCW is great graphicly, and the game play is great. I havent done the multi-player aspect that much, but it was fun the tiomes I did it. Max Payne, played it for a few minutes, wasnt that much interested. MOOAA, I have heard much praise for this game, and no complaints.

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  18. Jedi Knight II is pretty AWESOME!

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  19. If you have the money get JK2 and get SOF2 when it comes out. I have been playing the multiplayer beta of SOF2 and its sweet. Can't wait to download urr I mean purchase the game.

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  20. I don't think there is anyting wrong with downloading games, *IF* you continue to purchase the games you really want to own on a consistant basis. No one is losing money from people who download games they are never going to buy to begin with.
    On the flipside, if you quit buying games all together then everyone gets screwed... imo.
  21. SOF2 is out!!!!!! .... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!
    gonna go get it.. ,, NOW!!!!....

    get out of the way....
  22. just been playing SOF2 over the net... and it's [-peep-] sick!!!..... the best way 2 describe it would be it's like" Counterstrike on steriod!!!".
    remember the M4A? well now u have a renade launcher with it.. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. i love that gun.
    and it's heaps less laggy over the net as well.
    can't wait 2 get the full retail version.
  23. itd be nice to know wether you want to play multiplayer or not. you better have cable or dsl if you want to play RTCW online. 56k is unplayable. RTCW is very cool though. sof2 will be pretty much like the first one, a realistic military yet unmilitary game thats basically just violent. not my first choice. personally i cant wait till UT2 or whatever they are calling it comes out.

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  24. ye.. UT2 is gonna be sick, so is Doom3, GTA3 and quake 4.

    ps. UT2 is now officially called UT 2003, not UT2 like eveyone would 've expected.
  25. go to http://actionvault.ign.com/features/specials/ut2003gdc.shtml for a preview of Unreal Tournament 2003

    and http://www.gamespot.co.uk/stories/screenindex/0,2160,2107535,00.html for some sweet ingame screenshots....sweeeeeeeeeeeeet
  26. MOHAA and Max Payne are both awesome. (I give em' a tie)

    I haven't played RTCW or SOF2.

    I'm a big fan of Ghost Recon and the Rogue Spear series. Although I must say that I've grown a little bored with these lately. You'll like these if you prefer the Cooperative Team play.
  27. Hmmm... am I the only person who thinks Operation Flashpoint is a hell of a shooter? I'll admit the graphics are not the best. The cammo the enemy wears is easily lost in the weeds and trees, but I guess it is supposed to be that way. Also, shots to the enemy are realistic since non body or head shots only wound them. I've had a blast with it but am looking for another one like it. I played the demo to MOHAA and thought it was okay. Just don't like the way the enemy dies when shot. They hit the ground too fast. Call me a sicko, but if I am playing a shooter I would like for the action to be more realistic when the bad guys get capped.

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  28. OpFlashpoint's my favorite... Its just that almost everyone else i talk to hates it...wimps.

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  29. i played the demo... didnt do anything for me. *shruggs*
  30. "I don't think there is anyting wrong with downloading games, *IF* you continue to purchase the games you really want to own on a consistant basis. No one is losing money from people who download games they are never going to buy to begin with.
    On the flipside, if you quit buying games all together then everyone gets screwed... imo."

    There's some truth to that. I know every single freakin entertainment company/org like vivendi, universal, ea, gdc, godgames, etc. constantly do studies about how to prevent piracy and when they talk about piracy they call it "money lost due to piracy". The problem is that piracy doesn't really detract from sales. Not many people who pirate games are always going to buy those games if you take away their ability to pirate them. I'm not going to get into the psychology here or try to read or zap people's brains but I think everyone knows about this already.

    If no one buys these games like you said, the system fails and all game companies will go out of business. A lot of people would like to line me up in front of a firing squad for saying this, but I think game piracy actually helps to balance out greedy companies. You know the average price for warcraft 3? They had 4.5 million copies preordered not to mention they overpriced their 'special edition @ $70', and they are still selling it on average at $60. Ridiculous. What about other forms of greed? Like Microsoft doing its monopolistic schemes and bill gates making $60 billion, that's enough $$$ to end world poverty. Sure, call it a free market economy, but there will be cheaters and they actually do us some good.

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  31. Serious Sam SE is only about $20.00. So the bang for the buck is good. Maybe the graphics aren't as good as the others, but they sure are cool looking. The music and background stuff, which I usually ignore or turn off, is also really good. The music tempo and intensity changes when you are near an enemy, even before he sees you, which I think is very cool.

    For some reason I enjoy the sci-fi shooting games much more than the real-life war and such where you kill people. Killing monsters is more fun. I know, what a wimp, like who doesn't enjoy killing nazis?

    Can't wait for Doom to come out. What an excuse for getting a new rig!

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  32. I've actually started piecing together my new rig in anticipation for the new games coming out ;) Actually, I've just purchased new case stuff and a PSU, since I'm going to wait until the last possible moment to buy my mobo, proc, and vid card :)
  33. good call!

    i forgot to mention that i play gta3 off my harddrve. i dunno how much the game looks for stuff on the cd but that may be an issue. i dont run any games off cd anymore. eveything loads so much faster if you just play the iso from your hdd.
  34. I've got RTCW, and Max Payne...

    But nothing really beats Ghost Recon!
  35. SOF2, OR MOHAA

    always expect the unexpected.
  36. Will any decent FPS game work OK on my crappy system? (1GHz Duron, 32MB TNT2 Ultra, 128MB PC100 SDRAM).

    I know Jedi Knight II won't, MOHAA is choppy. Does Serious Sam II need a hefty CPU and graphics card?

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  37. hmmmm hard to say... if you stick to 640x480 with low detail it should run average-ish.

    to do any decent gaming though you really should get a more beefy graphics card... doesnt have to be a geforce4 4600 though...
    i run serious sam2 on my xp1800+ with a geforce2pro @ 800x600 with high detail very nicely.

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  38. I personally have nolf, rctw, mohaa, q3, max payne, unreal tournament, blah blah blah, I have like every fps ever. and the only one i still play is half life.
    Half-Life is ABSOLUTELY the best game ever. Its single player still scares me shitless (the first time i played, I wet my pants, it was dark and the sound was up. Hey, you would too.) The free mods that you can get for the game are like getting free games within themselves. Global warfare, Day of Defeat, Firearms, Wasteland, Sven-coop, They Hunger, TFC (valve released), and Counterstrike (also valve released).

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  39. well I usually wet my pants too, but that's because of my bladder problems...

    wait, you didn't need to know that, right?????

    Sex is great but it's no substitute for the real thing.....
  40. LOL! I legitimately wet my pants, with the freaky music and scary aliens...AHHHHHHH...utoh...(looks down)

    No matter how hard you don't want them to, Things eventually change.
  41. i've played most of the games that you and the others played. all this games have a good playability and feeling.

    RTCW is a good game that have a good graphic and a good multiplayer mod though it's a little more complicated than the others because it needs team work.MOHAA is a good game tha has a beautiful scripted situations. max payne is very very beautiful but it's a short game and you will finish it in about 10 hours. there is serious sam (the first and the second encounter) that has a big and beautiful fights.and i have played many more but the one i can suggest is "No One Lives Fore Ever" and you will love it for sure if you want FPS and stealeth in the same game.
  42. I would have to say Left 4 Dead is really fun to play. Makes for a good fight with 7 other players in versus mode.
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