Need help with FSB and stuff

Guys... please help. I'm fixing to put together a new system.

I've decided on AMD64...I'm running on XP2400+ right now, and a crappy mobo, decided to upgrade.
I was looking on newegg and tigerdirect... and I was just about to make my desicion final when I saw "FSP integraded into chip"... I can't miss out on making my comp faster :)

So can someone help me with what that means?

My budget: 450.
I only need mobo, case, cpu. So that should be enough...I think...

anyways, my mobo has to have like agp 8x, and ddr ram. Becuase I plan to use those from this comp and upgrade them later.

And can someone tell me the diff b/t socket 939 and socket 754?

Please help me asap... thanks

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  1. When it says the FSB is integrated onto the chip, that is exactly what it means. The new AMD64 CPUs have the memory controller incorporated into the CPU. Since the FSB (front side bus) is the pathway between the memory and the CPU, it too has been integrated onto the chip.

    AMD has a new equivalent to the old FSB called the HyperTransport Bus, or HTT.

    The difference between socket 939 and 754 is that one has 939 pins on the interface and the other has 754 pins.

    Sorry, I couldn't resist. The 939 CPUs offer a dual channel memory controller for higher memory bandwidth. The 754s do not. Going with a 939 motherboard is probably the better bet.

    You will likely want an Nvidia Nforce3 Ultra chipset motherboard. This chipset supports DDR Ram and AGP. You will also want a Venice or San Diego core AMD64 CPU. These are brand new and have several minor improvements over the older Winchester core CPUs.

    A good CPU/mobo combo would be something like the AMD64 3200+ Venice core <A HREF="" target="_new">CPU</A> and the Gigabyte K8NS Ultra-939 <A HREF="" target="_new">motherboard</A>.

    Keep in mind that this chipset uses PC3200 DDR memory. I assume you have some PC2700 or lower memory currently. These boards will support the older memory but will suffer a performance hit over using PC3200.
  2. Quote:
    I can't miss out on making my comp faster :)

    That's ok... you won't :smile: ...

    Overclocking an A64 is a leetle more complex than a AXP though.

    I know my Winchester's really annoyingly fussy about RAM, but the Venice core is supposed to have an improved memory controller, as well as slightly better overclocking capabilities.

    That said, I would agree that some better RAM is a must, especially since you'll want dual channel. You'll need very closely matched sticks for that, especially if you're overclocking - which it sounds like you're planning on doing.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Here</A> is a site that I found useful when trying to understand the differences between Oc'ing a A64 and an AXP.

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  3. Go with newegg. Or Zipzoomfly. But not tigerdirect. I've heard horrendous things about them. Anyways...

    I'd probably look at getting much like what the guy two posts above me suggested. A A64 3200+ and a NF3 Ultra board. S939 is probably your best bet at ths point. As for a case, something like a SLK2650BQE is pretty nice.

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  4. What kind of video card do you have. If it's a great card is OK if you reuse it, but if it's a low end card it would be better if you buy a nforce 4 socket 939 with PCIexpress. That would be the path with more upgrade potential.

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  5. <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> $104
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> $155
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    I would buy this and reuse the case for a while. This would give you upgrade potential. If you're not a big gamer you can get a cheaper PCIe video card and maybe you can get the case with the $450

    If anything can go wrong it will!
  6. Heh, I found that motherboard yesterday. And my mind is SET on it basically. It's the best one out there it seems. And I was also looking at that CPU. Now I'm sure I want to get that motherboard, I was kinda.... meh.... trying to find reviews and stuff.
    I have a Sapphire Radeon 9000pro 128MB @ AGP4x and I can run counter-strike source perfectly with medium settings(shadows set on high)

    So I'm just going to upgrade that to a 9800pro or above.
    I'm never going to go with nVidia =)
    But does integraded into chip better??? That's what I mean. Like is it faster then the 800MHz and stuff.
    I've already got a case :D
    I'm gonna get the one that comes with PSU< from thermaltake so I'm not going to bother with a new one. My current is powmax... I've hard some bad things about it, but it hasn't failed out on me... I've had this heap of crap since march of last year.

    Anyways here is my final product probably - $129.99 - $199.00 - $114.99

    I'm going to go with zipzoom, I've my friend has ordered his stuff from there, I've ordered from there... free tax. So I'm set. From newegg it would be like +100 for tax and shipping.

    Thanks guys
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  7. Where do you live?
    I've never paid any tax in newegg

    If you don't like nvidia the 800XL has been recommended

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  8. Integrated into chip is good, it doesn't depend on the FSB.

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  9. ok one of my dads comp friends told me that my ram would slow my whole comp down... is it true?

    both are running @ 2100 right now, but my kingston 512 stick is 2700... actually both are 2700...

    is it true?
  10. To a point yes, but you can try to overclock it.
    Anyway RAM right now is cheap and very easy to upgrade so you can upgrade the other parts, save some more and then change your RAM

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  11. but will it actually slow the cpu down that much?
  12. Post the model for your RAM and the OCers can tell you if you can overclock it and/or how much will it slow you!

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  13. That much? No, it will still work pretty well.

    Set 2 otherwise identical machines side-by-side, one with ram at 333, one at 400 (PC2700 & PC3200 resp.), and the one at 400 will perform noticeably faster. Will the one at 333 perform slower than your current system? Nope, it'll be much faster - 98% (ish) as much faster than the 400 ram will. (did that make sense?)


    PS: Ram is cheap for now - its worth the $90-ish extra to get the PC3200 if you can afford it.
  14. I didn't get the 98%...
  15. I didn't explain it very well... Let me try again. :smile:

    I was trying to compare the speed boost of going from your XP system to the new one with or without new RAM - you'ld probably get 95% of your possible speed boost without new ram (maybe 90%...).

    Maybe a different approach will work better:

    Say for example you get a 3200+ on a Socket 939 platform (dual channel will probably show less of a performance loss than the single channel socket 754 would). With PC2700 ram, your performance will not be the best you can get, it'll perform like a 3100+ or 3150+ (if they made such a thing) that had PC3200 RAM. Its' noticeable when they're side-by-side, but not individually.

    If you were to run it with PC2700 for a while, then upgrade to some PC3200 (same size), you will probably notice the system seeming a bit more 'snappy' or quicker in certain tasks, but nothing drastic.

    Did that help?


    PS: I still think the new ram is a good idea - not doing it is kindof like getting a turbocharger for your car's engine - but not putting in a good air intake to let it breathe like it needs to. But.., budgets sometimes force compromise.
  16. No, unfortunatly I only have about 450$, which my total comes out to about $444.

    But I'm getting another $320-ish soon, which will be going towards an iPod Photo :D
    But when I get some more $, I'm going to get like at least a gig of ram, and a really nice video card
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