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Hi everyone! Im about to buy the parts for my new $2000 gaming rig (

I am worried about the Logitech G510 keyboard I have picked out. Ive read too many reviews about a broken spacebar for my liking. Looking for suggestions on a good gaming keyboard!

Two qualities Im looking for are a backlit keyboard and one that isnt loud. Thank you!!
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  1. i have had a g11 for 3 years now and its still as tight as the day i got it... very impressed the g15 and 19 are pretty noisy in comparison but are better built.
    dont be fooled by bumf... keyboards dont need polling rates and the 1s that have em are for people that dont know different...
    a keyboard should work on the interrupt system as this ensures that you can use multiple key presses. keyboard with polling rates tend not to be that accurate with multi keypresses.
  2. as i remember hearing the polling rates were for when you had the device connected via usb. connecting via the ps/2 jack worked on the interrupt system.
  3. yep generally thats true but its not absolutely essential to have it, its not needed for keyboards even when attached to the usb. the g11 works on interrupt there is no polling rate for it... until recently a lot of mice just used poll rate exclusively, but a few months ago the first gaming mice appeared that use interrupt, as its actually faster than poll rate for initial response... basically the usb gets ignored until the mouse interrupts the cpu and then the mouse poll rate is used. 1s the mouse stops sending data/stops moving and no button presses it stops being read by the usb saving cpu cycles. the newest rat 7 uses this method as far as i know... its pollrate varies with movement, and when you stop the poll rate drops to 0 and thats when the mouse is basically ignored by the system. a mouse that relies on poll rate is constantly being scanned so you usb is taking cpu cycles constantly. interrupt mice dont.
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