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Guys has anyone tried this cpu on msi's K8N SLI Platinum nforce4 sli board. Msi's says its still under testing. can anyone confirm this for me!
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  1. I wouldn't expect any trouble if that board supports Venice or FX55. If none of these are officially supported (yet) either.. well, its probably still worth a gamble. I wouldn't expect anything worse than for instance some obscure issues with Cool&Quit or 4 populated DIMMs until they release a bios with official support. I recently installed a Venice 3000+ in an asus board with a bios revision that didnt support venice either, but it worked like a charm with the exception of C&Q. Updating the bios fixed that too.

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  2. thanks for the reply. yea msi emailed me and said that its officially into testing thats why i was wondering if anyone here had tried it...they said if anything there would be a bios update to support it...i just want to know since i prefer this cpu instead of the 3800 512ls cache version. its a new core though so im wondering if anyone could provide a link to a review or something
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  5. Im hearing that the DFI boards are the way to go. But thats just what I hear

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  6. I was researching your question when I came across <A HREF="" target="_new">THIS</A> thread in the MSI technical forum.

    The subject was similar to your question about MSI and Venice compatibility.
    There seems to be concern about bios and OC problems.

    Here is what I thought to be a very interesting post from the forum moderator.

    OK, I got some PM's from a few.....
    As far as I can see, I need to explain something here about OC an AMD64, as it seems there is a totaly wrong angle there.

    First of all, and AMD64 DOES NOT have and FSB, it has a reference clock, it's wrongly called FSB in the BIOS.
    Second the HT multiplier should allway's below or at 1000MHz, ergo ref-clock x HT multi = MHz
    Third, the memory IS connected to the CPU, NOT the chipset, this is very important so I get back on this.

    The reference clock is just that, it doesn't control everything.
    1:1 CPU/Memory whatever, who came up with this crap? It doesn't exsists, also, there IS NO memory devider.

    The CPU won't start if you have the memory timings wrong, period, not a mobo or clock problem, it's a CPU problem, I explain later.
    I take the example with PC-3200 memory, if you have faster memory, you might get higher.

    Let me give some idea's, just test it, if I'm wrong just correct me.

    Default= 200 Refclock = memory 200Mhz (400DDR) = CPUx10 default speed (e.g. 3000+ = 2GHz) -> HTx5=1000 so far nothing wrong.
    Next= 250 Refclock = memory 166MHz (will give 250/1.2=416DDR) = CPUx8 2GHz -> HTx4=1000
    Next= 300 Refclock = memory 133MHz (will give 300/1.5=400DDR) = CPUx7 2.1GHz -> HTx3=900

    So far everybody got it?
    Well here comes the explanation:

    If you have PC-3200 memory, do NOT OC it just yet, BUT make sure you can run it stable at 1T, that's the fastest setting no matter any other setting like CAS etc...
    As for HT, make sure it's allway's below 1000, do not go over it, as the SB can start acting strange, the HT speed is only between CPU and devices, no memory or other involved!
    Memory devider? What a joke, it doesn't even exsists....
    You have a couple of those "deviders", they are nothing more then:

    Ref200 -> Mem200 = 1.0
    Ref200 -> Mem166 = 1.2
    Ref200 -> Mem133 = 1.5
    Ref200 -> Mem100 = 2.0

    This is NOT a devider like in K7 and Intel systems, it's just a clock adjustment, as the cache of the CPU =is directly connected at the memory, it only tells the cache the clock-speed to talk to the memory.
    The cache is running at CPU speed and talks between the memory and CPU itself.
    I saw somebody trying to run the memory at 302 MHz, you need DDR600 memory to get there, the CPU can't do this with DDR500 or DDR400, so it fails to start.
    I hope I explained this a bit, if not, just ask, I could have forgotten something
    Don't forget, the AMD64 CPU/board design can't be compared to anything else....and OC experiance on non-AMD64 systems won't work.


    Anyway there is also some information about MSI's efforts in releasing new bios version for the AMD 64 boards. It seems there is an issue with not being able to increase the CPU voltage past 1.4V.

    Remember that I'm not too savvy on all this, I just stumbled upon this while researching your compatibility question.


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