What combo is better?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to get the best laptop that will play games for as long as possible on a budget, but I cant decide on the better configuration.

I'm looking at ASUS and lenovo laptops, mostly based on budget.

The ASUS laptop im considering is the G51JX-X3. it has 4gb ddr3 ram, i5-430 processor and nvidia 360m 1gb ddr5.

The Lenovo I like is the Y560, with their 532gb rapid drive system, 4gb ddr3 rm, i7-740 processor, and ati mobility readon 5730 1gb ddr3.

Would you rather have the i5/ddr5 gpu combo or i7/ddr3 combo for games and future proofing?


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    Well, you're getting a slightly better GPU with the 360m, which in turn will probably help you out a bit more with gaming. The 5730 isn't a bad chip and with the i7, may make up the difference. All in all, they are pretty equal. I'd shoot for the one that is the better deal price wise.
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    Well GT 360M is faster than 5730M as Kevin mentioned,and since most games are GPU limited,you better go with the ASUS one.It will give you an overall better gamin experience.
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  4. Thanks for the advice guys, its always better to wait and get 2nd opinion. Having said that, I think going to wait a little longer and save for an asus g51jx-x5. I cant imagine being held back at all with a system like that.

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