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Hi gentlemen,
I have some problem with my newly installed 2.6c. When I boot my pc after shutdown, my harddisk led lights but the bios doesn't boot.But after I use reset button, it boots fine.
Then sometimes,inbetween programs,there seems to be little activity on the task manager cpu performance,but my system lags about 2secs to respond.(I have my norton and dc++ running in background),but I had this running while having my cel2.4.Back then I can understand the delay, but why now.
The only good thing is that,my temp is a good 10deg lesser than my cel.
The other thing is I set my cpu volt to 1.528v in bios, but CPUIZ shows it as 1.6v.How can a manual volt given by me overridden?

And the page faults seem high for my dc++,could someone tell me what page fault purpose is?

Should I clean install my os?
Thanks for the advice
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  1. Clean OS install is a good idea with a major hardware change.

    When's the last time you updated DC++? According to <A HREF="http://www.dslreports.com/faq/6512" target="_new">this FAQ</A> I found with <A HREF="http://www.google.com" target="_new">this tool</A> it's a big resource hog, and the newer versions are more efficient.

    As far as your systems little boot idiosyncrasy I have no idea. What kind of power supply does it have?

    The volt-mod question is over my head, but anyone who answers is going to need to know what kind of motherboard you have.

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  2. I have 3 os's in my pc.Does that mean I've to clean install all of them?

    The dc++ i use is latest version 0.674.

    My psu is 420w.

    Board is Asus p4s800. pc3200 512ram. Is there any other utility other than cpuiz to check on the volt?

  3. What kind of memory do you have??? The celeron runs at 100 or 133 fsb while the P4 runs at 200fsb. Your memory might not take the increase in fsb speed.

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  4. pc3200 is 400mhz.
    so i think memory is ok..i'm using kingston
  5. Is that the straight P4S800? If it is, you dont have dual channel, so that could be part of the lag.
    Are you using a front usb port? They cause problems with the south bridge, so are a bad idea.
    Looks like you need to replace your bios. Asus has been having problems with bios chips for a while now. If you recently updated it, reset your bios, as failing to do that will result in boot problems.
    Have fun.
  6. That's true, the motherboard does not have dual channel,and i dont' use front usb.My bios is 1007,i used auto update.

    "If you recently updated it, reset your bios"

    Are you saying I should be going back to previous version?
    If that's the case, could you tell me how to do it?

  7. No, you may not need to go back to the old bios. When you update your bios, you have to shut down, when it finishes, and restart, going into the bios. You then just click to go to default settings and save. Then go into the bios again, to set it up the way you like. If you dont do that, it is trying to boot to the old bios, but cant find it.
  8. CPUZ has never shown my voltage correctly, I wouldnt pay much attention to that.

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  9. You bothe run Asus boards. They do tend to overvolt slightly. Dino can use MBM5 for accuracy, and adjust the bios voltage accordingly. Personally I like a slight overvolt, for stability's sake.
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