Nvidia optimus on a 13.3" screen?

Hey all, I've been looking around for a laptop, and while I really like the portability/low weight/low cost of smaller laptops, it seems like most of the smaller laptops lose out in the video card department. I don't play a huge number of games, but I'd like to be able to play starcraft 2 and, when it comes out, Shogun 2 total war, at least on low/medium graphics. I am very interested in the Nvidia optimus technology, and I would like to be able to use that to save battery life; however, most of the 13.3" laptops I've seen using optimus have fairly tame video cards that I'm not sure will be able to perform like I want when in the discrete graphics mode. So in short, my criteria, in order, is:

1. Plays the games mentioned at low/medium graphics at least, and uses nvidia optimus
2. Good battery life
3. 13-14" screen
4. Warranty/quality of customer support
5. Not a fingerprint magnet

I could really care less about hard drive size, RAM quantity/quality, and processor speed; I feel like I'll be able to make do with pretty much anything that satisfies my above criteria. I definitely don't want to spend more that $800, and to be honest, the cheaper the better. I don't mind losing out on features to get the price lower, as long as those five I mentioned are fulfilled. I done a lot of research, and I've just found it to be very challenging to search based on these criteria; I was kinda hoping that someone might have this kind of knowledge offhand, or at least help me refine my search so it isn't so daunting. I don't really do any video/photo editing, or any processor-heavy stuff other than gaming; maybe some autoCAD-type programs every once in a while, but I have a desktop that I can use for anything that really needs muscle. I will defer my brand preferences to what you guys prefer, I'm sure you guys know more than I do, especially which brands are known for their customer support. Thanks a lot for looking guys, and even if you just type in a couple sentences to point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it.
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  1. I found this one, but it's a bit weak in the gaming department:


    I also found this one, but it has a bigger screen and is a bit beyond what you want to spend:

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