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I'm installing windows 7 pro on a new rig and trying to figure out why the 256gbssd i tossed the os onto is half full already.

i checked the individual folders under c:\ and they don't even add up to that:

c:\perflogs = 0
c:\program files = 240mb
c:\program files (x86) = 138mb
c:\programdata = 10mb
c:\users = 82mb
c:\windows = 10.6gb

i know about that 100mb system reserved partition during clean install and got rid of it so i had a full 230ish of gb's for the entire drive partition. the drive space was still the same before and after getting rid of that reserved chunk.

just can't figure out why/where that 100gb is going that is being used by something.

any advice, suggestions, etc would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. This is a clean install..!

    Secure erase the SSD, and re-install..

    The 100MB System reserve partition is needed, this is the boot sector, do not delete this partition.
  2. i tried that and same thing after installing again. i also just installed win7pro on the 1tb hdd i had for data to see what would happen. the installation is taking the same amount of space on it as well. the 1tb hdd has 812gb free of 931gb space.

    the same folder tree and size exists.

    not sure whats eating up this phantom 100gb'ish of space.

    nothing else has been installed yet except for the sp1 which was on the disk.
  3. How much virtual memory do you have configured for your system? Also, what apps do you have installed?
  4. takana77 said:
    nothing else has been installed yet except for the sp1 which was on the disk.

    nothing installed, just win7and little bit of driver updates and sp1.

    win7pro has my system configured with 65477mb for paging file size atm.
  5. That is 64GB on the SSD you move to a HDD or turn off. Also, I would recomend turning off System Restore (restore points) because that will take space as well.
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