System hangs with Upgradeware p478 adapter

Dear folks,

I'm having the following problem.

I just installed an Upgradeware p478 adapter on my ASUS P4T-F socket 423 motherboard, to be able to install a faster CPU. I installed a P4 2.8 Ghz 400 Mhz FSB on the adapter and put a proper cooler/heatsink on the whole.

Firstly, the system didn't boot, but I discovered that the voltage that I'm able to set in the adapter to provide the CPU core was set too low at 1.5 Volts. with 1.525 volts it did do the job.

The system boots up properly and fast, despite the wrong CPU name at the beginning of the startup which states 2300Mhz, but I was told this was normal. Furthermore, an error message appear which says: Bios upgrade incorrect................CPUID follow by a bunch of letters. Still, this doesn't prevent the system from starting up. When I enter windowsXP all is good, except only for about a couple of seconds, after which the system totally freezes. The mouse cannot be moved and only a warm reset can do the job of restarting. The time before the system hangs is variable: sometimes it freezes when the startup window is coming up, and sometimes it freezes after 30 seconds or so.

The weird thing is, that the time before the freeze appears is more lengthy when I'm in safe mode. I still locks up in safe mode most times, but it takes a couple of minutes more instead of seconds.

I thought it was a temperature problem but checking the CPU temp on my BIOS after a freeze when I startup again the temperature is about 45 degrees celsius instead of about 43-44 when normal. This is with hot outside temp of 30 degrees of celsius (warm day).

So I figured this couldn't be the cause. Then I thought it might be my videocard (ATI Radeon 9600 Pro) because I've had similar freezes because of incorrect drivers, and also because the screen displays a subtle and short distortion before entering windows, which I have not seen before.

However because the freezing does also occur in safe more I figured it couldn't be the drivers for the graphics card.

Is there anyone who's got an explanation/solution for this problem?


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  1. I forgot to mention that I tried to set the CPU to different voltages ranging from 1.525 volts to 1.65 volts, and that I flashed my bios to 1007 beta (the latest). To no results...
  2. What kind of memory do you have Installed.????

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  3. I've got 2 units of Samsung PC800 RIMM ram of 256Mb en 2 units of 512Mb of the same memory from the Infineon brand. This configuration worked fine with the P4 1.7 Ghz CPU I had installed before.
  4. It may be a power supply problem.

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  5. Hey guys, im new to this forums but iv been computer tinkering since i was a kid. just a few suggestions, first im about to buy this adaptor cause i find it very interesting and im really looking forward to see how it works. ok well your saying your system hangs when you run xp, but you have totaly ripped out the brain of this computer and put in a new one, so for anyone reading this, thats always a bad idea if you intend to use the same os. every time you do an os install, there are certain functions windows needs and installed to handle a new processor, as it doesnt always happen, there are a few times when you swap out a processor for a new one, you need to reinstall windows. my suggestion, if you use this adaptor, plan on doing a fresh install of windows upon the upgrade. i bet it will run just fine, also anyone reading this, i have a dell dimension 8100, which i plan on dropping in a 2.8 p4 and i will let you know how the upgrade went.
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