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My sony vaio VGN C25G has wavy display with blue and green colour dominant(even in BIOS setup screen-before window is loaded).NVIDIA GEForce 7400 GPU is preventing booting so uninstalled.Only the Microsoft standard Display driver is installed.This is some what OK for Text but pictures are colour distorted.
External monitor (LCD or Analog VGA) works OK.But the problem is that the LAPTOP donot detect the monitor always.
Sometimes when the laptop screen is not displaying anything at POST (but post ok beep is audible) I connect the external monitor and enter the power on bios password for system to boot and windows vista loads normally till the next shut down.
Fn+F7 donot show the external monitor so I can not change the primary display.The bios setup has no option to select the primary display.
Is there any way to force the LAPTOP at power on to detect the external monitor and display instead of the default Lap Top screen?
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  1. Have you tried fn+f5?
  2. buwish said:
    Have you tried fn+f5?

    yes, that is brightness control in my vaio VGN -C25G.
  3. Hi anonymous_1
    I am having a very similar problem with my vaio as well so jst wondering if you managed to find answere to your question above about detection of external monitor...it would be great if you can share that over here, thanks
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