Thinking about getting a m11x

With a student discount, I have the price in my cart at 845 plus tax and shipping.
The config is with the base $799 version core 2 duo...I have the ram upgraded to 4gb and the HDD up to the 250GB 7200RPM and bluetooth.
I've been wanting a small laptop to carry around campus and this seems like it will fit the bill and allow me to play most games on it.
I don't have to worry about playing new stuff to the very max as I have my desktop for that. Would something else be better along these lines?
Note: portability and battery life are a big issue for me.
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  1. I would get the HP Envy 14 if I were your. It's got all the new specs and it's far more elegant. Mind you, the M11x is not compact.. it's small, but it's thick.
    The Envy 14 is 999.99$, and it's got an i3, 320GB HDD, 4 GB Ram and ATI 5650 on it and an 8 Cell Battery. It's a bit larger than an m11x, and a bit pricier, but personally I would chose it. And to spend 850$ for a core2duo machine...that's not good.

    This is the link for the HP envy.

    You could also get a Macbook, the white one. It's got a 13 inch display, 2.4 Ghz Core2Duo ( the only negative), 10h battery ( or so they say), an Nvidia 320M gpu, 250GB hdd, 2 gigs ram( you can upgrade this later if you want to, but hardware tends to perform better on Macs), and it's 999 as well, but you get a student discount of about 13% or so. It's as portable as it gets, and the battery is excellent.

    So, if you want power+ looks , go for the HP, if you want looks+ portability, go for the Macbook.
  2. While I like the envy, the m11x gets almost twice the battery life when not gaming.
    And, I'm not a mac fan.
    I could have the m11x with same specs but an i5 quad for 1090, but then the battery life goes down a few hours, and I really don't see it being that much better than the coreduo until the majority of games utilize four cores or more. And by that time I will have my comp sci degree making enough cash to buy whatever.
  3. For general usage though, I think that you'll be much happerier with a new chip, i.e. and i5 or even and i7. However, if you'll be out of school in a few years and you think that you can stand a c2d for the time being, go for it.

    What is you max budget?
  4. I'd prefer to stay under a grand.
  5. You didn't say you weren't a mac fan.
    8.5 Hours is BS, even a netbook doesn't last that long. Only the core i5/i7 models have an integrated intel media acc., which they use when you're not doing too much stuff.
    Let me ask you some other questions: do you have your desktop nearby( as in your college room ), and the second one: how long do you plan to keep your laptop?
  6. I live an hour away from campus. At my house I have a very powerful desktop...AMD 955, ATI 5850, 4GB ram, etc...
    I plan to keep the laptop around 2-3 years.
  7. I personally don't think that core2duo low voltage will last you 2-3 years. My 1-year old core2duo laptop with dedicated gpu has trouble doing some things.
    If you live 1 hour away from campus, do you think that you'll NEED a portable gaming machine for the hours you're in campus? And what sort of gaming will you do on a 12inch screen ? It's worth thinking about.
  8. I see what you mean. I don't know if I would be gaming that much, but it's a nice feature to have. I'll probably start gaming a lot more when The old republic mmo comes out though. Also, from what I've read, the m11x excells because of the gpu(335) as most games utilize the gpu a lot more than the cpu. Thus, when games make the core2duo obsolete, then the gpu this has will probably be crap also.
  9. Take a look at this one:

    14 inch, 1gb ddr3 video from nvidia, core i5 and 500gb of hdd.

    Here's a review:

    And it has nVidia's Optimus. 4 hours of battery life is pretty good, for this sort of machine. And you know you;ll have all the powerhouse you'll need in the future.
  10. The 310 is vastly inferior to the 335. And the optimus is not a huge deal as there is a button to switch in the first gen m11x. The envy would be better than that asus as it has the ati equiv of the 335.
  11. Well, I found a better student deal with dell where I can get the same one I posted in the original post for 800 with tax and shipping. I think I may pull the trigger....i just hope they don't come out with an m13x or something soon and the core2duo m11xs fall even more in price.
  12. You seem to be already decided on the m11x.
    However, I might look into getting a $300 netbook and spending the other $700 on a more capable desktop for gaming.
  13. duk3 said:
    You seem to be already decided on the m11x.
    However, I might look into getting a $300 netbook and spending the other $700 on a more capable desktop for gaming.

    I already have a gaming desktop that I built back in june.
  14. Well, good luck with the m11x then :) Hope you tell us your impressions.
    I would still have gone with the envy :P
    As for the m13x, I don't think that will happen. Because there's not much of a price difference between the m11x and the m15x (between the core models, that is), and if they pull out an m13x, people won't buy the 11x any more.
  15. I ended up buying it...I'll post my reviews when it gets here on the 4th.
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