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Hi guys, sorry for bothering you.
Yesterday I decided to clean my laptop a bit, and used a compressed air cleaner to blow the dust away from my it. I cleaned the usual parts: keyboard, heatsink grills, RAM and all the notches and holes. When I started it after the cleaning process, the CPU fan would not move at all!! So now, I cannot use my laptop!!
Can you please tell me what the problem seems to be and if there is anything I can do?
Mention that the laptop is a Toshiba A300-1NO model.
Sorry again for the trouble, but I am kinda desperate :( I appreciate all your help.
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  1. I've see some fans that could be unsnapped from the shaft. Try lightly pressing on the fan in the middle to see if will snap back into position.
    Does it still move with air? (that compressed can)
    Does it move at all when power is applied?
    Can you see where it plugs into the MoBo?
  2. The fan isn't unsnapped from the shaft. It does move when I use the air can, and moves for a while when I turn it on, but after 3-4 sec. is stops. I can't see where it plugs into the mobo though, I have to take it apart to see that.
  3. If the fan never turns on then it's time to replace it.
  4. It turns for 3-4 seconds, but that's about it. And it died all of a sudden, after I cleaned it with an air can. This sort of stuff isn't normal. Can you come up with sth else that might have happened ?
  5. You stated:
    "So now, I cannot use my laptop!! "
    Why? does it turn itself off?
    Does it get to hot too hold?
    Why do I ask , My Toshiba fan only runs above a set temp.(not all the time)
  6. Well, won't the CPU fry itself, it it doesn't have any sort of cooling aid apart from the copper heatsink ?

    On my Toshiba, it runs all the time, regardless of the temp, and still gets quite hot. I was planning on replacing the thermal compound, to mend this issue.
  7. If it has speed step it will slow to stay cool and most new boards will shut down the system if temps get too hot.
    It has the heat sink and cooling fins so it should not fry itself at idle.
    If your going to apply new heat sink grease then I'd replace the fan as well.( good or bad)
    Put laptop on your lap and surf web for a few minutes if LT gets hot and no fan then replace the fan.
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