HELP!! to buy or not to buy!!

Hi i have a intel pentium 4 1.6g and was thinking of buying a intel pentium 2.4g, it is compatable with my motherboard but i was wondering will it make a big difference

the turk
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  1. If that's a northwood 1.6 (512 cache), I would try overclocking it first, if your board has a 133 fsb setting. Switching to a 2.4 400 fsb cpu won't be very cost effective. For the price of the cpu, you could almost pay for an athlon 64 socket 754 combo deal.
  2. How the price for a 2.4 should be next to nothing.

    -Jeremy Dach
  3. A big difference? Not likely. A noticable difference? Probably. It depends what you're using it for.

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  4. How do i know if i have a northwood cpu and how do i overclock it, i use my PC 4 games

    the turk
  5. If you download CPU-Z it will tell you some of your system info including CPU and memory

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