Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium Dell Inspiron 621 Frontier.Net Westell Modem movel 7500 I have Windows Detects Network Connection Problems for 2 years.
Microsoft gives me no help. Please help me spend 1 day on the computer without continually running their problems solution setup that is a joke.
Thank Youm, klr257
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  1. Please don't include your email on posts. It will cause you to be spammed. I see you have a Dell Inspiron 621 but the other information needs clarification. What is your ISP provider? Is that modem a movel 7500 or a model 7500 of what? Is it dial up, dsl, or cable? Thanks for helping us with more info....
  2. ISP provider - Frontier Communications
    Westell wireless modem - model 7500
  3. Ok, good information. Depending on your location dsl is not the fastest internet. When my customers have your problem I start by working with the ISP to check your lines, modem and configuration. If there is a problem on your lines get them to fix it. If the problem is the modem, get a replacement.

    Another way to test your equipment is to take your PC to another location (friends, school, library, etc.) and test it on their network. If you still have the same problem connecting at another site then you should check your hardware and drivers. But first check your provider....
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