Mouse clicks stopped working in windows 7

I have a dell latitude with windows 7. After a year of usage the mouse clicks suddenly stopped working. Left clicks stopped working all together, right click sometimes work, but most of time it does other things. I suspect it's some malware. I run avg, spybot and malwarebytes, which found nothing. Checked the mouse settings in control panel, and didn't fine anything strange. Would appreciate your help. Thanks,
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  1. try another mouse, sometimes they just go bad....
  2. This happened simultaneously to the (two) internal mice, and to an external one. Will try another one, but i don't think that's it..
  3. somehow my usb selective suspend setting in power options got enabled. i've disabled this setting and will see if this fixed the problem. i was almost ready to re-install windows over this. can malware change this setting?
  4. I had this same problem, where I'd have to hit ctl alt del to fix it temporarily. I updated windows fully and still had the issue. However I spent 3 hours looking for a fix and its NOT A MOUSE PROBLEM. Its apparent on all mice because its a usb root hub power saver option problem. Here is the solution and it actually works.

    since I did this I have no problem at all. I hope this works for you also.
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