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Good desk for building/modding computers?

Hi all,

I'm in the market for a new desk and need one that'll allow me to build and mod in comfort without worrying about whether it'll collapse under the weight of my equipment. I've looked at offerings from Ikea, and while extremely budget friendly, I worry about their ruggedness and rigidity. Would any of you recommend either for or against going with Ikea desks? Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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    for use as a modding workbench only?

    get a picnic bench. raise it up if its not at propper working height. put a piece of carpet on top if you do not want your case getting scratched.

    ikea furniture is typically crap flakeboard and i wouldnt trust it to support a pc which can weigh a ton depending on what your hardware is.


    if you have tools and are handy.... just build a desk out of 2x4 wood, a plywood topper and countertop veneer. you could make one for under $100 easy and theres no way you would ever break it.

    tools required:

    screw gun
    table saw, circular saw or handsaw
    tape measure
    suggested: builders square
  2. Workbench! That's what I should have been searching for instead of tables...

    I was hoping for something a little less DIY. Other than the tape measure, I'd have to go out and buy all of the tools you've listed. I've never really attempted something like this and I'm unsure I can at the moment. But a steel workbench that can properly support a heavy load should work just great. Thanks! :)
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