Sony or Lenovo?

Hello, I need to know which of these models are better?
Lenovo T410 Q6G or Sony EA2 QGX?
My job is programming which needs a very high processing.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    The Lenovo one has a faster CPU so its better for your needs.
  2. Thanks for your quick answer! The Lenovo one has a core i7 cpu, I'm just worried that it would not be suitable for this size! Is it true that i5 is much better for 14-inch laptops?
  3. Well it may run hotter also with less battery life but aside from these there shouldn't be any problems.
    The i5 will give you more battery life with less heat,however its slower(not a huge difference though)
  4. Thank you! I bought the lenovo one!!!
  5. No prob,hope you enjoy it
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