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I just installed my new retail AMD venice 3000+ and the instructions didn't tell me to put any termal paste on the heatsink. I noticed that the heatsink had a square of material on it. Do I still need to go out and buy some thermal paste?

I've ran my cpu for about 3 or so hours...if I do need thermal paste...did I just mess up my cpu?
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  1. Hm..I don't remember seeing any plastic film on it when I was sorta looking/poking at it. The package had extra space above the pad. Maybe that is their alternative way of protecting the pad?

    If I took off my HCF, would I have to do anything to the HCF (add thermal grease/paste) before putting it back on?
  2. Hm...not good. Well I just looked at my temperature and its at 38C. That should mean everything is working with my HCF right? I'm pretty sure there wasn't a plastic film...I hate doubting myself...
  3. As long as there wasn't a piece of plastic covering that square (or if there was, you removed it) you're fine. It's just a thicker version of the paste. It actually has qualities that allow it to soften when heated, like a high-heat wax.

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  4. Just to be sure, look at the sides of the hsf. The plastic that wusy mentioned, extends a long way. If you can see a lump of heated plastic all around the bottom of the hsf, get some type of TIM, and pull the hsf. If it isn't obvious, it isn't there.
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