OEM CPU, what the difference?

Any notable difference between AMD OEM processor to BOX or retail? can someone please explain this to me...

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  1. The retail CPU includes the fan and the heatsink.

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  2. Retail is the way to go if you're not overclocking.
    If you are overclocking you might wanna go with OEM because you're gonna end buying a better heatsink for the CPU

    Nothing is as easy as it looks
  3. Retail has 3 year warrenty, I'm not sure what the OEM one has - but it is not 3 years.

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  4. Boxed comes with a cooler and with 3 year warranty.
  5. Did you read the above posts?! :tongue:

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  6. thanks :)
  7. I didn't see any answers.. but i wonder how that is possible.. ?
    Proxy somewhere..

    Or maybe i just need some sleep. :)
  8. OEM is 90 days for AMD at least.

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