Windows 7 will not start. System recovery has not worked. Please help!

Title says it all! Please help!
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  1. specs ?

    I recently took the hardrive/RAM out and out it back in.
  4. Connorwarman_12 said:

    I recently took the hardrive/RAM out and out it back in.

    you took it out before the problem or after the windows 7 will not start problem?
  5. Computer was working fine before
  6. I took it out and put the RAM and hardrive in another computer. That computer worked fine for a week before a MB/PSU failure. Today I put it back on my old PC. And have been having this problem.
  7. i thinks its just a reseating problem if you say you remove the memory stick and its working before, just install it properly, make sure it lock or seated well otherwise get another memory. do you hear any beep/sound when you turn on the cpu? if it is then reseat it again until it boots
  8. Ill try that.
  9. By memory you mean RAM?
  10. or the other computer fried the harddrive/ram when it have the mb/psu failure.
  11. Whats a sign of a fried RAM/Hardrive?
  12. Also, resetting the RAM dident work.
  13. Wait..on the other computer I installed a new version of windows 7. Could putting it back into this computer(Which already had windows 7) be the problem.
  14. how many hard drive do you have?
  15. so you have 2 desktop at hand now, it is much easier to work when you have a working and bootable cpu, even without the hardisk, you can verify which memory stick is busted by testing it to the working cpu just insert 1 memory stick one at a time and see if you can go to the cmos or bios setup. if you can go to setup with any of the memory you have then the next step is what stick makes your cpu not to boot properly, for all we know we are confusing your problem to hardware when you have a windows booting problem, so which is which
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