What would my upgrade path have been?

HEllo again!
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For sure, the next rig i build will be amd.

What I want to know is what kind of socket did those first P4s have and what kind of memory socket did they use? I want to know what the fastest chip and memory is that i could now put into that board, if I *had* bought the P4 setup. (Which i didn't).



Just about the time the first pentium 4 chips came out i built a system. I had a choice: go with the new pentium 4 and a chipset that there was not much news about or go with the pentium 3 1000, rock solid and a mature product.

I went with the P3.

I wonder now what would my upgrade possibilities be right now if i had got that p4 and mobo... What chip and memory could i have running on that mobo? Did i make a good decision?

Hope to hear from you!

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  1. Are you serious?

    Well your upgrade path would be selling that P4 when you realize ADM beats its ass in games and you would probably own an A64 3000+ right now

  2. It all depends on the socket type at the time you upgraded, so long ago.

    If you're about to upgrade again the best would be proably to buy a Intel i955x based board.

  3. Intel has hired people to put a word on their behalf.. :D
  4. _________________________________
    ADM beats its ass in games and
    ADM? A Dell Machine
    :) LOL!

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  5. The original P4s were s423. The boards only supported RDram. The fastest s423 chip was the 1.7ghz model. It did not perform as well as a P3 @ 1.3ghz
    The most common chip for s423 was the 1.5ghz model. It was on par with the 1ghz P3.
    Had you spent a grand or more to get a gig of ram, you would probably be using a socket adaptor, so that you could run a northwood core. I believe THG did a review of just such an adaptor, not too long ago.
  6. S423 later went as high as 2.0GHz.

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  7. Exactly right, "Powerleap" has a 423 to 478 adaptor kit (includes cpu) which will bump you to 3.0 Ghz depending on the fsb of your mb. I purchased one a couple of years ago (including spending ~ $200 for more rdram)works fine in my secondary system. At the time it was the most cost efficent upgrade.
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