Which laptop is better?

Hi! Im looking for the best laptop (for gaming) I can get for no more than 1200$. Here are two I am considering, but if you happen to know of a better one, please let me know! Here they are:

I'm also curious if it would be worth it to go for the more expensive one, for the nvidia gts 360m, which imo is slightly better. I just don't know about 250$ more :na:

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  1. 2nd one is better with the video card 360m gts with gddr5 vram.
    and for the second one your also paying for the resolution. 1920x1080.
    500gb 7200rpm

    the first has the 5730 gddr3 vram. and 1366x 768. different res.
    320gb 7200rpm

    so for the $250 you are paying for a better resolution, bigger hard drive,
    better video card with better vram. usually if you config the resolution would be an extra ($100-150) same with the video card and the hdd would be an extra 25-30. imo it is worth it. but also depends on your games you play?
  2. Right! I just wish the screen was a tad larger, maybe 16" like the other. Oh well.

    I didnt notice the 360m gts has GDDR5, which is a big deal. However, it doesnt support DX11 like the ATi one does. As far as games go, im really into RTS type games that bog down a lot of computers as the game goes on, because they get more complex as they go on. Hmm Tough decision. How big of a deal is DX11? If i buy a new game that is in DX11, will the 360m gts be able to play it? I know not in DX11, but will the game usually have a DX10 mode?

    Also im not really concerned with the hard drive, at all. I have a 250gb 5400rpm one right now, and its only about half full so either is fine. Hmm. Tough decision.

    Do you think DX11 will matter?
  3. i have a 9600m gt and i can still play games in medium quality. you can play any game out in dx9 dx10 or dx11. i can play bfbc2 in dx9 with medium quality but its in dx10 so i have to play in the lowest.
  4. No, your wrong. Only nVidia's 4XX serious can run DX11. Maybe it can run in "DX11" but without any DX11 features.
    you can play any game out in dx9 dx10 or dx11.

    Anyways, do you think the 5730 in the other laptop would be capable of running future DX11 games? Or would I be better of running DX11 games in DX10 mode on the 360?
    Or even just running DX10 with the 5730, cause it should handle any DX10 game?
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    well as of right now that i know the 5730 can run all games in medium with like 70fps+ depends on game and high with like 35ish and ultra in 15fps. your choice is always the last 5730 vs 360m. i say youll see a good 5-10% difference in performance. if you go with the 5730 you have a low res that the card can get higher fps. 1920x1080 i think will be an awesome res but the 360m will lose fps. I say stick with the 5730. unless res and a 7% performance matters go with the second one. hope i helped.
  6. Good point! So if i were to get the 5730, it would be able to handle even dx11 games because of the lower screen resolution! But the 360 would probably stuggle at max resolution, and it cant do dx11. So i could do max res with dx11 at a playable frame rate with the 5730. Plus the 5730 laptop is 250$ cheaper, so definitely the better option. Thanks! You definitely helped me! :D
  7. Best answer selected by lucky123.

    Best deal on the market right now, this laptop will run games faster than either of those, the gtx 260 is faster than both those cards and the Core 2 Duo will outperform the i7s in most games. My buddy has the one with the i7 720 and the 360m and my laptop outperforms and out benchmarks it slightly. Oh, and his overheats with a laptop cooler, ive played for hours on end without a cooler and have not had one overheat crash. Its better in every way, but i dont have time to point out all the pluses, but cross check for yourself.
  9. yes the gtx260 is faster but a p8700 will get blown away by the i7 720 if it was another core 2 duo processor then i will agree with you.
  10. @coolcueto
    The gtx 260 is faster but the games I am playing are CPU intensive, and the laptops I am looking at both have i7's. Yes that laptop is a really good deal, but I am also looking for something that can handle DX11, which the gtx 260 cannot. I know the 5730 isnt the best DX11 card either, I'm still looking for a better card at a decent price.
    I agree. What do you mean "If it was another core 2 duo processor?" isnt a p8700 a core 2 duo?
  11. i meant like a T9600 Core 2 duo. the p8700 is 2.6ish ghz dont know exactly 3mb l2 cache. I have a t9600 with 2.8ghz and 6mb l2 cache and ive used a p8400 and a t9600 before and i tell a big difference when i play sc2 and wc3 etc... and why i said another core 2 duo processor. x9100 is a core 2 duo extreme and a t9900 is the same speed of 3.06ghz dual core but the extreme can be overclocked.
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