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Hello Community,

So I am about to finish putting together my first gaming PC. (Specs: i5-3570, GB Z77x-UD3H, 8GB Corsair Vengeance, Galaxy 1GB GTX 560 Ti DDR5, CM Storm Enforcer, Win 7 HP 64bit, WD Black Caviar 2TB HDD, Adata SX900 64GB SSD).

I am going to ONLY install Win 7 on the SSD and nothing else. So 64GB should be enough.

My questions (They are sort of related):

I have been confused about what to do while installing Win 7 on the SSD. I have done a lot of search but what I am gathering seems just redundant to me:

- Do I or do I not have to create a system recovery/repair disc for Win 7 right after installing it? I mean if Win 7 is going to fail me (and if I have created the disc on the day I installed Win 7 on my SSD), then I can simply do a fresh reinstall from my own original Win 7 DVD that I have right now, right?

- So, exactly at what point is it a good time to create this disc (if creating it makes sense)? Right after the first install?

- I have heard of Norton ghost??? or Acronis True Image HD??? Why should I pay for their services IF I can simply buy 3-4 DVD's and create my Win backup on them? It makes sense -financially- to just buy DVD's, right?

- As for backing up all my other data, I can just purchase external HD's and Thumb Drives, which I am doing for my current PC anyways, correct?

I really thank you for your inputs. You can save me a lot of OCD!!!!!!! regarding this matter that is bugging me and not letting me go on and enjoy my almost finished product.

Thanks. Peace.
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    first if it is a laptop your better do a win recovery disc,but it is always usefull to get a recovery disc on hand in case something happens to the original microsoft it right after all your driver are in so you coudl have the os as it was when you strart the first time,also it is a good practice to save all the driver starting with the board one and the network an so on .
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