High powered build...please review my selections

Hi guys, my first time posting on THG's forums so plz be gentle!!!!

I'm building a new comp and my goals are gaming with some headroom as I will be headed back to school and want somethign that will last me. Here's what I'm thinking...

Case - Thermaltake Tsunami (Black)
PS - OCZ Modstream 2.0 (520W)
CPU - A64 3700+ SD - Thermaltake cooling
MBoard - Abit Fatal1ty A8N NF4 SLI
RAM - 1 GB (2x512) OCZ Plat Rev 2 PC3200
Video - Geforce 6800 GT (leadtech or eVGA) OR ATI x800xl
HD - Thinking the Samsung SATA II ?? 160gb
DVD-RW and DVD drives
O/S - Win xp Pro 64

Well I don't think I forgot anything...what do you guys think about this build? From what I read that Abit is a monster...and I love the look (that uGuru Det button is pretty cool :P). Wondering about memory....I've used OCZ and like it, and hear great things also about Corsair. Since this build will have to last me a while i'm not too worried about cost within reason.

Thanks in advance for your input!!!!

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  1. If you plan on using the SLI option you have to get a nvidia card that supports sli, the ATI is a fine card but if you buy ati then get a regular nforce 4 ultra mobo and a better video card.

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  2. ok, heres a few changes. first, dont get the tsunami case, it doesnt cool well. get a thermaltake shark or a nice antec, or if you like the wave design, get a coolermaster. really, case is a preference. second, i wouldnt recommend a tm heatsink, an xp120 or one of thsoe zalman fin ones are better. also, get ocz vx ram and a dfi nforce 4, and some ram cooling (fan) cause of dfi's high vdimm , youll be able to get a sick oc. depending on what vc you get, get the sli or non-sli dfi. out of the two, i would get the x800xl, and with the saved money from the mobo and vc, save up and get a r520 when it comes out with 32 pipelines.
  3. For power supply go with OCZ's Powerstream, case go with a Silverstone Temjin06, or Lian Li V1000. You should look at DFI boards, especially the UT SLI-D. I agree with the previous poster, go with OCZ VX ram, and for harddrive go with Seagate or WD. For cooling, just get a Zalman CNPS-7700ALCU, very quite and cools nicely.

    Video card, that is the difficult choice, There has been rumors that ATI's crossfire will work on SLI boards, if that's true, then i'd definently recommend the X800XL over the 6800GT, if it's not, then the fact the pci X800XL is a good 70 dollars cheaper than 6800gt and is a better stock performer, i'd choose that over the 6800GT. If you do want a SLI system, then go with a pair of plain 6800's.
  4. I didnt know that 6800NU are SLI compatable...

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  5. Good thoughts. Good call on ram, upon revisiting the reviews I had read its the value vx and the gold bh5 that seem to get the job done. THG gave the fatal1ty board from abit a great review...just not the sli version (which i don't think was out when they did the sli review). Tough call between the two. What are the advantages of going with the DFI??? had been considering the DFI vs Abit, but something about the Abit just screams BUY ME!!!! Def considering these changes on case. You're thinking the zalman vs a highend AMD thermaltake? I've heard some mixed things as far as size on the zalman, but i'll def take another look.

    vid card - i've def been leaning that way 2...as I will need the nvidia to SLI. Wanted the headroom of an sli board for $10 more, but wanted to make sure the 6800 GT was a good way to go

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  6. Quote:
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    Haha, good signature.

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  7. Reason why i recommended the 6800 plain is because it's soo much cheaper than the 6800GT, and it's still a very good performer, with 2 of them, you'd definently come close if not match the performance of the 7800GTX.

    I'd still take DFI just because it's been on the market for such a long time. Thermaltake=Thermalcrap, don't ever touch their crap!
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