Network printer set as default keeps reverting back to a local Brother printer


I am supporting a client that has multiple network printers that are setup on each user's individual AD profile. I have set all 4 Network printers up successfully on their Windows XP machine, but they also have a local Brother printer that they have installed.

Every time I set any of the Network Printers up as the "default" printer, once the user reboots or logs off Windows, it reverts back to the Brother printer being set as "default".

I know this is a minor inconvenience, and the user can just change it every time they need to, but they are getting frustrated and it should not be happening.

Has anyone ever seen this before and know a quick fix?
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  1. Kind of a round about fix but you could create a batch file that runs on startup

    Should look like this

    rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /y /q /n “Printer name”
  2. @wanamingo

    The batch file that connects the user to all of their shared drives and network printers runs upon their logging into Windows XP, and it says it is connected. That is what bugs me, its as if the Brother printer is overruling the batch file that runs...

    Is there a setting within the Brother drivers that would allow me to make sure it is not going to "default"? I looked, but I did not see anything
  3. Hmm it wouldnt surprise me if brother had taken some liberties with the driver but im not sure where to look. We are cannon and HP(Printers) guys only where I work.

    Check out this KB

    You could try manually creating the proper registry key, and see if something is changing that key on restart. If it is you could lock the key.
  4. Oh and you could disable brother software on startup (msconfig). Just incase something is running at boot to change the default settings.
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