CD/DVD ROM/DRIVE not detected in BIOS or Vista. Laptop Compaq f700

I have a Compaq (HP) F765EM Laptop.

The built in CD/DVD ROM drive will not work and upon further investigation it's not showing up within Vista eg My computer, Disk Management, Device Manager etc. Within Device Manager there isn't even a heading for "DVD/CD-ROM drives" to select or open.

FYI, in device manager within the "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers" there are three things listed

ATA Channel 0
ATA Channel 1
Standard Duel Channel PCI IDE Controller

Booting the laptop into it's BIOS I have found that the CD/DVD ROM drive is not being recognized there either, so if I wanted to boot from a CD or DVD disc I can't.

I purchased a new CD/DVD ROM and fitted it but no joy. I have also updated the BIOS to the latest one and I reset the BIOS by clearing the CMOS. I have to say that the BIOS on this laptop is very limited making adjustments difficult.

Question is, could it be a problem with the Mother Board? or is there something else I could try to solve this problem.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.
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  1. Update

    After reading this forum

    I decided to try the laptop with another hard drive. I booted into BIOS and the CD/DVD ROM is back.

    If this is caused by a virus then this is new to me.

    Anyone shed anymore light on this?

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