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It STARTED with my Adobe Reader then, everything ...ADOBE RELATED!!! Which worked GREAT BEFORE. Now, in the process of me TRYING to figure it out, it seems other stuff as changed and doesn't have the "link to open that is needed! I'm using Windows 7, Chrome, I have uninstalled EVERYTHING and reinstalled. STILL EVERYTHING HAS MESSED UP, only getting worse the more I try! The "VIEWER" on Windows is XSP...I prefer adobe!!! Yet, NOW it doesn't even give me Adobe as a choice. If I save as a PDF, it opens Adobe but, says the file is missing or corrupted...HELP!!!! I NEED MY REGULAR, SIMPLY COMPUTER BACK. It's now affecting everything. SIMPLY, is there a "list" of what should open a dll or a h1c/h1d/h1k/h1f/etc/glox/grp???? This seems like it should be so simply, that's why I'm getting so upset with it all!!! PLEASE HELP!!!
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  1. uninstall the adobe reader and there is the new one on adobe i would also do a good virus check without network connected and do a malwarebytes scan for spyware software use the free one
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