Apple And Intel Confirmed!

Starting next year - Apples with Intel Inside!

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"Jobs told a conference of software developers that Apple will begin offering Macs with Intel processors by June 2006 and will switch its entire product line by the end of 2007."

Lol, part of the reason that Apple is going to Intel is that they complain that the chips made by IBM are too hot and use too much electricity. Apparently they're not fazed by the Prescott specs.

I'm just your average habitual smiler =D
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  1. Who said they're planning to use Prescotts? What Jobs did say was "looking ahead Intel has the strongest processor roadmap by far".
  2. I don't think wolverine was saying that they were going to use Pres-hots. What he was illuding to, is that Apple doesn't seem frazzled at the fact that Intel has also put out chips that required too much power, and ran hotter than my kitchen stove on a hot day.
    If apple is looking for a cool, low power consumption chip, they might be barking up the wrong tree.
  3. ARE WE GOING to see x86 architecture macs? or intel developing a special chip just for MAC....

    cause if they go x86 route, can we finally see a competitor to M$ on the desktop?
  4. they're going to run a 64 bit o/s on pentium d's i believe. this means with no or little hacking you should be able to build a box and put os/x on it.
  5. if thats the case and it's x86 CPU, whats to stop MACos from competing head to head on the same platform now as microsoft?

    i'm sure gamers and evelopers would be mroe inclined to write for it once that happens since all they'd neeed on the mac side is some sort of compatibility with MS software
  6. The skivvy is the Dothan powered Apples will be available at this time next year. The first model will be called the "Macintel". Steven Jobs entertained going with AMD but in the end sanity prevailed! :lol:

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  7. Seriously a Dothan/Yonah Apple notebook is goin to be sweet!yet probly expansive!
    Since im much more a PC user, im looking at it the other way around. Why not have Windows/linux/etc running on those sweet apple notebook! that would be nice.

    Also we all saw intel's road map goin towards multiple cores...Maybe thats one of the reason Apple is moving to Intel CPU.Because from various articles including this one from Anandtech
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    , I dont think Ibm/Sony cell processor will do the Job for the Pc.

    And reading stuff like:
    The reason? According to Jobs, the PowerPC roadmap would not provide the performance that Apple needed going into the future.

    makes me guess Apple will probly push heavyly multithreaded OS/Apps and will therefore need MutliCore cpu's...

    Anyway this is just speculation...

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  8. Yes, I feel that this will be "good" for everyone, especially if Apple starts releasing it's os for any x86/Pentium D computer. It will either kill Ms, or Apple. The playing feild will have been leveled so to speak. Apple will no longer be able to claim that it is better because of its PowerPC chip. The only thing apple will have left advantage wise is thier sweet industrial design skills, which many windows computer manufacturers have started improving drastically (Just look at the newest generation of PC laptops, nothing like the macs, but a heck of a lot better than the last generation, some are very thin and look darn good.) I hope that Mac releases its software for purchase and use on any computer, that way developing and hardware support would be vastly increased, and the true best operating system will emerge, be it Mac, MS, or Linux.
  9. i heard a tidbit on techTV last night on Revenge of the show that apparently someone in APPLE has confirmed that they have run MACos on intel hardware already and have already worked towards the compatibility......

    does apple intend on going head to head with windows? looking more and more likely everyday
  10. I believe I read somewhere that Apple is now selling 3GHz P4 boxes with beta MacOS and beta multiplatform libraries for developers at about a grand a pop. I'll try to look for the link.

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  11. Ahh. Here we go. Good 'ol <A HREF="" target="_new"><font color=red>Vulture Central</font color=red></A> had it. And I was wrong, it's a 3.6GHz box, not a 3GHz box. Even better.

    Apple will roll out Intel-based Macs during the next two years with machines available by next June and a phased introduction to be "mostly" complete by the end of 2007.


    OS X can already compile to Intel, Jobs told WWDC. To prove his point, he demonstrated the Tiger operating system running multiple desktop widgets, and opened Microsoft Office and Adobe System's documents, all on top of an Intel Pentium 4 3.6GHz system. Jobs said OS X already "sings" on Intel.


    Jobs also unveiled Xcode 2.1, letting developers build applications for either Intel or PowerPC using the same tools and universal binaries from a single CD.


    To encourage developers to switch from PowerPC to Intel, Apple is offering a $999 Developer Transition Kit with 3.6GHz Pentium 4 hardware, OS X 10.4.1, pre-release of XCode 2.1 universal binaries for its premium-level developers.

    So there we go. According to The Register, Apple has already created a library of multiplatform binaries to compile to, has already compiled OS X for the P4, will be <i>mostly</i> Intel by 2007, and is already selling a 3.6GHz P4 Mac OS box with development software for a grand. It sounds like a done deal to me. (And a sweet deal at that.)

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  12. SO THE QUESTION that still remains

    when can we get our filthy little mits on those binaries

    i wanna run macos
  13. That's actually pretty scweet. I'd actually consider a Mac with pc inards, or a PC with OSX or even better some multithreaded 64 bit version of it. I guess it's basically the same idea.

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