Will this cpu work on my laptop?

Hey guys, I might have either made the smartest move today or the dumbest. My laptop is a Toshiba Tecra S1 which comes with the centrino 1.4ghz cpu. (Banias, 1mb L2 cache, 130nm). The chipset is an Intel i855pm with an ICH4-M southbridge. My laptop runs at 400fsb and support ddr333 (pc2700). The laptop has a stand alone Ati Radeon 9000 video card with dedicated 32mb. I have 1024ram.

The cpu that I stumbled across is an the Pentium 755 which is a centrino running at 2.0ghz, 2mb L2 cache, Dothan, 90nm and 400fsb. Ive checked and doubled check and found out that my chipset (northbridge\southbridge) are both fully compatible with this newer cpu. Also the newer models of my laptop (still the Tecra S1) ships with the same cpu as the one I stumbled across (centrino 2ghz, 400fsb cpu). Do you guys think I have to worry about anything? The only concern I had was the the Pentium 755 cpu will take more power but infact it takes less dude to the 90nm technology. I am quite knowledgable about computers, even with laptops but I'm still a little nervous about this move. Thanks ahead for your inputs :)
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  1. I think this is the kind of question Toshiba should answer. Normally I would say you'll be alright with a BIOS flash if your laptop support the voltage and power envelope.
    Their website says you're unable to exchange a cpu yourself, the link was too long and I still don't know how to make a clicky, but just look for CPU in the Tecra part of their website.
  2. I have the latest bios and updates. In one of the version, it says:
    -Corrected a problem where Toshiba Power Saver shows the incorrect step of processor speed of Dothan 2.0GHz CPU.

    I contacted Toshiba several times and they do not recommend and do not want me to upgrade the cpu but purchase a new laptop. Thats not an option. The specs on the 2ghz Tecra S1 model is identical to mine with the exception of a bigger hd, wireless G, and trubrite screen.
  3. My guess is it will be allright. You will have to take apart the whole laptop to hange the CPU and you will probably void your warranty doing it.

    My suggestion is to check the performance difference and you decide if your willing to void your warranty and pay some money for the performance difference.

    Usually it shouldnt be any problem. Specially if all the specs even the batteries, are the same...

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