My hp wont load windows

Hello,i have a hp g60549dx, it was fine but it shut down because the battery run out of power, when i tried to power it on everything was going ok, the hp screen showed up but the windows logo never apeared, i ha tried using the recovey disks but when i try to boof off them nothing would happen just a black screen the same i get after the hp screen... i have windows 7 64bit.
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    Remove battery.insert ac and hold power button for 10seconds.shutdown.insert battery.power bios.load default settings in bios.restart.
  2. how do i load default settings on bios if i get this options.
    F1..system information
    F2..system diagnostics
    F9..boot devide options
    F10..bios setup (but when i press this option it gooes to the black screen again)
    F11..system recovery (goes to the black screen)
  3. never mid problem fixed thanks, there was a memory stick pro duo in the card reader, when i took it off it was all good again thanks for your help though and sorry if i wasted any of ur time!!! :)
    does somebody know why this happens___
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  5. No thanks are accepted reason we are friends so its my duty.Said thanks for toms hardware to give this opertunity.
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